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Welcome to Lexin on-line!

Here you will find some good examples of "the virtual dictionary" on Internet. The dictionaries have been issued by the Swedish National Agency for School Improvement. They are included in the Lexin series. Lexin is primarily produced to meet the need of immigrant education and currently consists of about 30,000 words.

Since January 2007, the Language Council of Sweden (Språkrådet) is responsible for the Lexin project. The council is a departement of the official language authority the Institute of Language and Folklore (Institutet för språk och folkminnen). The Lexin books can be bought through Liber Distribution.

PilSwedish-English dictionary.
PilSwedish-Albanian dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Arabic dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Bosnian dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Croatian dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Finnish dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Greek dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Kurmandji dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Persian dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Russian dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Serbian dictionary (in Swedish, Latin letters).
PilSwedish-Serbian dictionary (in Swedish, Cyrillic letters).
PilSwedish-Somalian dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Sorani dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Spanish dictionary (in Swedish).
PilSwedish-Turkish dictionary (in Swedish).
Pil Svenska ord, just the Swedish words with recorded pronunciation (in Swedish).

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